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Clinical Agency

Clinical Coordinators will visit the Clinical Agency section to update agency (e.g., hospital) information; add, edit and remove clinical units available for clinical placement; create and edit unit availability, review and respond to placement requests and manage other agency information.  ("Grayed-out" words will indicate functions that you do not have the appropriate permissions to use.)

Typically, Clinical Coordinators will use CCPS by working down the list of menu options on the left. The steps include:

Step 1:
Click on 'Work with Unit Locations' to add, edit or remove units that are available for clinical placement. Click on 'Add New Units' or 'Edit Unit Locations' to add or edit the clincial units that you have available for nursing student clinical placement. Click on 'Remove Units' to remove units that are no longer available for placements. Clinical Coordinators may also click on the List Clinical Units report icon to view a complete listing of all the Clinical Units they have created for their loaction.

Step 2:
Click on 'Work with Unit Schedules' to set up default availability (24 hours per day, 7 days per week) for your units.  This default may be modified clicking the 'Edit Unit Schedules' link. The  'View Unit Schedules' link will provide a color-coded view of the current state of availability - where the unit is open, already scheduled, or requested.  Clinical Coordinators may also click on the Unit Schedule report icon to view a complete listing of all the Unit Schedules they have created for their location.  

Step 3:
Click on 'Work with Clinical Placement Requests' to review, accept, or decline proposals from schools seeking placement at your facility. Click on 'View Placement Requests' to view and respond to your requests sorted by department, or you can click on the 'Placement Request Summary' link to view and respond to all your requests in a single view. Clinical Coordinators may also click on the Placement Calendar Report icon to display a calendar view of all the Proposed and Accepted schedules for their location. 

Note: The reports that are available within each of the steps above have been created to assist coordinators in reviewing the information within CCPS. All lists and reports are accessible by any visitor to the site; no login is required. 

Clinical Coordinator Admin:
Click on the 'Manage Preferred Partners' link to select specific schools that are a good match for your clinical agency. This information acts as filter criteria when reviewing schedule requests from schools. Click on 'Manage Coordinators' to add/update/or remove coordinators for your agency. Click on the 'Update Agency Details' link to modify information about your clinical agency (including whether your facility can accommodate more than one cohort on a unit at the same time).