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The following questions apply to any CCPS user.

Q:  What should I do if I can't remember my user ID or password?

A:  Contact the CCPS Customer Support Desk.

Q:  What should I do if I encounter a system error (such as "Server could not fulfill your request")?

A:  Please notify the CCPS Customer Support Desk right away.  Please include any information that will help diagnose the problem, such as what task you were trying to complete, the steps you followed and which buttons you clicked.

Q:  Why are some of the menu choices grayed out?

A:  There could be two reasons why you are seeing menu choices that are grayed out. First, a school user will not have access to editing pages for the clinical agencies, and a clinical agency user will not have access to editing pages for the schools. Those pages will be visible, but appear as grayed out. Or, it could also be that you have not logged in or that the system has automatically logged you out. There is a 30 minute time-out period, which means if you have not clicked on a button or link in CCPS for 30 minutes, the system will discontinue your session. If you cannot click on a screen that you usually have access to, and it appears grayed out, check the message just above the side menu options. If the word “Login” appears next to the date, you were not logged in or have been logged out automatically. If the word “Logout” appears next to the date, and you still cannot access the screens that you need, please contact the CCPS Customer Support Desk.

Q:  Why are some fields shaded?

A:  The system requires an entry in some of the fields.  In order for the system to save your data, you must fill out all of the shaded areas (a muted orange color on most computers) because these are required fields. 

Q:  Why won't the system accept the dates I enter?

A:  Only dates entered in the MM/DD/YYYY format are recognizable by CCPS.  You can also select dates by clicking on the calendar icon and then clicking on the day.  (* Note: The calendar will open in a separate, smaller window, so make sure that your pop-up blocker is turned off.)

Q:  Why can't I export or print any reports from CCPS?

A:  The export and print options will pop up in a separate window. If you have a pop-up blocker on your browser you will not be able to complete some of the tasks in CCPS. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer as your browser, click on the Tools menu, select Pop-up Blocker, and then select Turn Off Pop-up Blocker.  (Or be sure to indicate that you should always accept pop-ups from this site if you get a warning at the top of  your browser window.)  (* Note:  The reports are best viewed using the Internet Explorer and Safari Internet browsers.  The reports may not display properly, and the export/print icons may not be available, if viewed using other browsers.)   



The following questions apply to the School Users.

Q:  Will I lose my clinical placements by using CCPS?

A:  No.  The system is designed to assist in matching nursing school students with available clinical time; however, the placements are not automatically scheduled by the system. Clinical agencies must review school proposals and either accept or decline them and filters for preferred partners are available to assist with this process.  One of the principal rules of using CCPS is that existing placements take priority and all existing agreements should be honored (this is stated in the CCPS Operating Manual). If a placement that you have been using is unexpectedly declined, a conflict resolution process is also outlined in this manual. Therefore, you should expect to maintain your long-standing clinical placements unless the clinical agency has notified you in advance that they can no longer accommodate you.  If that happens, we encourage you to contact the Customer Support Desk or the CCPS Community Outreach team for assistance in finding a suitable alternative.

Q: How can I see the proposals I have made and whether they have been accepted?

A: One way to view the status of your proposals is to go to Step 3: Placement Requests and click on View/Edit Proposals link, select the course and dates that you would like to search for placement status. The list will display the placement schedules and their status, and you can view more detail by clicking or mousing over the VIEW link in the comments (Comm.) column. The system will also send School Coordinators an email when a hospital accepts or declines a placement request that was made (this can also occur when the system automatically updates a request based on agency parameters regarding overlapping requests). You can also view the report called “School Proposals” under the School menu (Step 3: Placement Requests) or under the Reports menu. Also under the Reports menu, you can view the Cohort Placement Grid report.


Q: Can I find out why my proposal was declined? Where can I see comments that a hospital has made?

A: Yes, hospitals are requested to give a reason for declining a request, and are provided a standard set of responses to choose from, in addition to a comments field. To see these comments, go to Step 3: Placement Requests, then View & Edit Proposals. Select your course number, the date range for that course, and click “Search.” The next screen will display the cohort status (Accepted or Declined). Click/ or mouse over “View” in the “Comments” column to read the comments.

Q:  I made a mistake on a school proposal.  Can I edit or withdraw it?

A: Proposals that have not yet been accepted or declined can be edited. To do this, go to the View & Edit Proposals screen (under School > Step 3: Placement Requests). Select the course and dates and click Search. You will then see which proposals are available to Edit (those proposals in Proposed or Reproposed status). You can select the proposal you want to withdraw and click the Withdraw Proposal button at the bottom of the screen if you choose to withdraw it. This will take the proposal out of the hospital's queue. You may withdraw all, or only selected pieces, of a particular proposal; however, your schedule will not be available for matching unless all pieces have a Declined or Withdrawn status. You can also click Edit for the proposal you’d like to edit (again, it must be a proposal in Proposed (P) or Reproposed (R) status) and can alter your request for the days of the week, shift, or unit within the hospital. Note: Once a hospital has accepted a proposal you cannot edit the request but you may withdraw it.

Q:  I entered information for a new course and cohort and clicked "Save" but it isn't saved.  What happened?

A: There are two save buttons on the Edit Courses & Cohorts page. The first one is located in the center of the screen just below the Course Details. It is labeled "Save Course Info." This button will only save the course information, not the cohort. The second one is located at the bottom of the page below the Cohort Details. It is labeled "Save All Changes." This button will save both the course and cohort details. Be sure that you enter data in all shaded (required) fields.  

Q:  How can I see if a hospital's unit is available?

A:  You can view one hospital’s availability at a time by going to School > Step 3: Match Schedules > View Unit Availability. Select the hospital and unit(s) you wish to view and click Display Schedules.  A calendar graphic displays availability one week at a time based on the unit that is currently selected (indicated by a highlighted row in the results area). The graphic is color coded, and you can see more detailed information by clicking on one of the hourly time blocks. You can also see other weeks by clicking on “Next Week” or “Previous Week.”

Q:  The unit(s) I am looking for aren't there.  How can I request them?

A:  If you cannot see the availability that you were expecting, it is likely due to unit availability or your cohort's preferred units. The availability may not have been created for particular units by the clinical agency, the dates of availability don't cover the time period you are looking for, or the unit was already scheduled for another cohort.  You can check existing availability by using the View Unit Availability screen under School > Step 3: Match Schedules.  If the unit(s) you expected are there and have open availability, then you are probably not seeing them due to the preferred units selected for your cohort.  Compare the units that are available to your cohort's preferred units to ensure they are the same.  If not, but you have a unit under the same clinical department selected, you could use the Department filter during your search.  Otherwise, update your cohort using the Edit Courses & Cohorts screen.

Q:  I see that a hospital I have not worked with in the past has availability, and I am interested in contracting with them. What do I do?

A:  Contact the Clinical Coordinator directly (outside CCPS), let them know of your interest, that you’d like to propose a clinical placement, and begin the contracting process, if they are able to accommodate you.

Q:  I would like to set up a clinical rotation through more than one unit for my nursing students.  Is there a way to do this using CCPS?

A:  If you would like your students to rotate through several different clinical units during the placement period, simply select more than one clinical agency unit location when requesting placements.  The units that are accepted will be reserved for your cohort during the entire period, so that you may split up the group between them.  If your intention is to move the full cohort from one unit to the next, we recommend that you set up schedules with dates corresponding to when you will be in each unit and then propose them separately so that are not unnecessarily blocked out.  Be sure that you have selected units at the same agency. We also suggest that you enter notes regarding your intentions on either your student cohort schedule and/or in the additional information area that is provided just before you submit your request to the agency (this text is included in the email sent to the Clinical Coordinators).

Q:  How should I enter my data when I have two groups of students that need OB and Pediatrics rotations (or similar, such as a Med/Surg and Psych rotation)?

A:  There is more than one way to enter this. The recommended method depends on the answer to several questions:

• Will both experiences be at the same location, or two different agencies?
• Do both groups of students need to complete the first (and 2nd) portion at the same agency?
• Is there any break in the time period, or is it a continuous number of weeks?

You should also consider what will make the most sense to you, and the clinical agencies, when reviewing the request. You could enter it as 2 cohorts, with 2 schedules each… or 2 larger cohorts, with one schedule each (to block out the entire time period for the unit(s) and then just switch the students at the appropriate week). When deciding on how to structure the cohorts, be sure that the appropriate preferred units are selected (if the cohort will have two schedules – one for the first experience and one for the second – then it will need to have the units to capture both experiences.

Always keep in mind that your cohort schedule can only be accepted at one agency at a time. Also be sure to use the summary notes sections of the cohorts and/or schedules to explain what type of placement you need and share additional information inside the system.


Q: How do I update a schedule from a previous term to create a similar schedule for the current term to propose?


To create a schedule for the current term, go to Step 2: Cohort Schedules > Copy Schedules.  Select the courses you’d like to create schedules for, then enter the From and To dates of the last term you used the schedule (i.e., the previous year or previous semester).  Click the Search button, then select the cohorts you’d like to update, enter the New Start Date and New End Date and click the Copy button to create your new schedule. 

Q:  I have scheduled all of my cohorts and the proposals were accepted by the agencies.  Do I need to send them a confirmation letter?

A:  You do not need to send them a confirmation letter because the agencies will already know that they have accepted your cohorts. Each time you make a proposal, the agency receives an automated email that prompts them to review their requests. When the agency accepts or declines a proposal, the proposing school will also receive an automated email announcing that decision.  Reports are also available to show the scheduled placements from both the school and clinical agency perspective.



The following questions apply to the Clinical Agency users.

Q:  All of my units have a location of "Not Specified." Can I change this and name the unit location?

A: Go to Maintain Unit Locations (Clinical Agency > Step 1: Agency Information) and use it to enter new location names for each of your units. If you have already created availability for a unit with a Not Specified location, the system will ask you if you wish to overwrite the existing schedules with the new location you are entering.

Q:  I have a unit in multiple locations, but the system displays the location as "Not Specified."  How can I change this?

A:  You can enter multiple locations for a unit. Simply go to Clinical Agency > Step 1: Agency Information > Maintain Unit Locations.  Click on the department next to the unit and use the "New Location" area to type the location name and then click Submit. If you have already created availability for that unit, the system will ask you if you would like to overwrite an existing schedule with the new location. Click Yes if you would like to overwrite your current availability with the new location name.  If you choose “No,” the new location will be added for the unit in addition to the "Not Specified" default. Please refer to the CCPS User Manual for more detailed instructions.

Q:  My unit is a combined Med/Surg, but the only options are Med/Surg - Medical and Med/Surg - Surgical. Which unit should I use?

A:  Use the Med/Surg - Medical unit and enter in the unit location or the brief summary for your unit availability that it is a combined Medical/Surgical unit so that the schools will know when reviewing availability.

Q:  My clinical unit is not available in the list of units. What should I use?

A:  CCPS provides a standardized listing of the most common clinical units, as well as focusing on those clinical areas where students need experience. Please revisit the list to see if one could be used, along with special notes, to represent your unit's specialty.  Select the unit that most closely describes your unit and then use the unit location and/or the "brief summary" for the actual availability to provide further details.  Schools will see this information when requesting placements and will have a better understanding of your unit's specialty.

Q:  What do I need to do if all of our unit availability is the same as the last placement cycle?

A:  Check the Master Calendar on the CCPS home page to see how far your availability needs to cover for the next planning cycle. Ensure that the end dates on your availability are appropriate - you can check this on Clinical Agency > Step 2: Unit Availability > Edit Unit Availability or the Unit Schedules report.  If necessary, use the Edit Unit Availability screen to extend your end date (to do this for all of your units at once, you may use the Global Edit option - refer to the CCPS User Manual for details).   Besides that, you will just need to review and respond to each of the requests you receive from schools.  Check the master calendar on the home page to see when you will be asked to do that for the current planning cycle.

Q:  How do I remove a unit that is not accepting students?

A:  That depends on how much data is already associated with it. At the simplest level, if there is no availability for the unit (and had never been requested by a school), you can go directly to the “Remove Units” screen under Step 1: Agency Information (on the Clinical Agency menu). If the unit you wish to remove does not show in the list as a candidate for removing, there is at least one piece of information associated with it (a location name, availability, and/or placement requests). To remove the unit, you must delete the associated information first – working from the bottom of the “hierarchy” up.

Check first if you have received any requests for this unit by trying to delete all shifts associated with it on the Edit Unit Availability screen (Clinical Agency > Step 2: Unit Availability > Edit Unit Availability). If at least one shift could not be deleted, you will not be able to remove the unit – in that case, you may remove the availability by changing the number of students to zero.

If the shifts were removed, then availability has been deleted. The next step would be to remove the location name – this is only necessary if the location is something other than “Not specified”. Remove the location on the Maintain Unit Locations screen. Once this is completed, return to the Remove Units screen.

Q:  How do I delete availability?

A:  There are a few different ways to delete availability if no placement requests have been received yet. The first is to remove certain days by unchecking the day(s) of the week on the Edit Unit Availability screen (Clinical Agency > Step 2: Unit Availability > Edit Unit Availability). Another option is to remove a shift entirely, if the unit is not available any days of the week for that time period. A shift can always be added back later if necessary. Finally, you may simply change the number of students to 0 – this will prevent future searches by schools from displaying the unit as available.

Which option you use is dependent upon how you would like to see your availability represented on the Edit Unit Availability screen (i.e., whether it will be confusing to have a shift represented, even though none of the days are selected as available).

If placement requests have already been received for a shift that you are attempting to modify, you will only be able to change the number of students to zero to prevent it from being displayed as available when schools conduct searches for matching units.


Q: How can I see the proposals that have been made to our hospital?


To view and respond to proposals, you may go to Step 3: Match Schedules > View Placement Requests or Placement Requests Summary.  With View Placement Requests, you will see details about each individual request, including a grid visually depicting any overlaps.  With Placement Requests Summary, you will be able to action all school requests from one page, and requests are batched by school, by cohort.


You may also view all proposals using the Agency Acceptance report.

Q:  A school made a proposal that I would like to accept, but there is one day that doesn’t work for our facility.  Do I have to decline the entire proposal?

A:  If you accept a proposal, you accept it as it is displayed. In this particular case, you can enter a message to the school stating the specific reasons that you are declining their request and offer your alternative schedule. Invite the school to re-propose the new schedule so that you can accept it. Make sure you enter your message in the text box directly beneath the “Accept” and “Decline” buttons, and the school will receive an automatic email with your message included and it will also be saved in the comments section. Don’t hesitate to communicate with the schools - if they know the situation, they may also withdraw their request and resubmit without your having to decline it.


Q: How can I leave a comment for the school?


A. On the left  menu under Step 3: Match Schedules go to Placement Requests Summary. You will use this page to Accept and Decline requests, then click the “Confirm Changes” button. The next screen will display an arrow button, where you will be provided a standard set of responses to choose from for declining a request, in addition to a comments field.  You will also have an opportunity to provide comments for all proposals you have Accepted or Declined.  After completing your comments, click the “Save these changes” button.

Q:  I have received a request from a school with which we do not have a contract. What should I do if I am interested in working with them?

A:  Contact the School Coordinator and begin discussions around the contracting process and timelines. If you are both able to complete a contract before the clinical placement begins, accept the placement request in CCPS. If you cannot accommodate the timing, either decline the placement or ask the school to withdraw it, and assure the school you will work to hold their desired placement for the next placement term.

Q:  I am no longer able to accommodate a long-standing clinical placement from one of my partner schools. What do I do?

A:  One of the overarching principles of CCPS use is that existing placements take priority. Schools will expect to maintain their long-standing clinical placements unless you notify them in advance that you can no longer accommodate them. Please remember that the CCPS is a tool to facilitate placements, but should not completely replace communication. We encourage you to continue to discuss changes to your facility with your partner schools and any options for accommodating lost placements.

Q:  Two schools are requesting exactly the same clinical unit and time slot. What should I do?

A:  Be sure that you accept requests that represent any long-standing agreements that you have with schools first.  Also, you are free to accept one - if you cannot accept multiple cohorts at once (and specified this on the Update Agency Detail screen), the system will automatically decline the other request for you.  If you know of another unit within your hospital that would be a suitable alternative for the school, please communicate this to the school within the comments section.  In certain situations, a Nursing Resource Center team member will serve as a facilitator and point of contact to help resolve any scheduling conflicts. There is a formal process for conflict resolution defined which is documented in the CCPS Operating Manual.